Wednesday, August 31, 2016

RUSSIA - 7 ITAR Photos From Back in the day...

It's always great to look back on photos of what it was like way back when. We discovered some gems from Russia and compiled them below - 7 photos from back in the day...

A compilation of retro photographs taken from the archives of ITAR-TASS (the Information Telegraph Agency of Russia), one of the best news agency of Russia.

"A place for rest - a whale's mouth", Y. Muravin, 1960

"A good catch", G. Sokolov, 1952

"A hot day", ITAR-TASS, 1958

"In a teahouse", ITAR-TASS, 1958

"The discipline breaker", ITAR-TASS, 1958

"At the physical education lesson", ITAR-TASS, 1958

"In a department store", ITAR-TASS, 1958

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