Sunday, August 25, 2013


That's one place to park your Maserati!!

Well, actually, a beautiful chinese girl thought she was just following the crowd when she decided to park her Maserati in the middle of the street.

This is is a double-lane two-way, about 500 meter long no outlet street, with empty spaces on the white parking lanes on both sides, but a white Maserati two-seater sports car doesn’t park in the parking spots and instead directly placed itself across the center double-yellow lanes in the middle of the street. This white Maserati’s license plate begins with 渝A, is a Granturismo model. Checking prices online, this model costs over 2 million RMB or above for the cheapest version.

.... "Little Xu" explained that the company’s garage was full so everyone parks on this road but when she arrived today, there were other cars parked on the double-yellow lines, so she parked with them, not knowing why now only her car is left.

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